Video advertising has long been the hallmark of certain industries. For example, car dealerships, professional attorneys and doctors all use local video advertising to propel interest in their business and to increase their notoriety in their community.

However, what many small business owners in these industries and many others aren't taking advantage of as often, is their ability to turn video advertisements into creative online advertising content that can be shared and posted among both existing and new customers.

In fact, in a recent press release release, Jim Du Molin, the founder of the Internet Dental Alliance, a marketing firm that specializes in providing services to dentists, indicated that he sees video sharing as one of the most exciting developments in his industry.

Du Molin sees the potential for businesses to take advantage of posting online tutorials, educational content and welcome videos on a website that increase the overall look at feel of these resources.

Still, while this can be a low-cost way to ensure that past advertising expenditures are still generating new business leads, many small business owners don't know where to begin. While they may have years of high-quality video, these busy professionals may lack the time necessary to script new versions of videos and integrate videos on their Web and social media pages so that they can best increase their online presence.

As such, small business owners in the greater Midwest who are looking to use their existing video resources for targeted Omaha internet marketing, Colorado Springs internet marketing or Minnesota internet marketing may benefit by speaking with an internet advertising agency that is experienced at generating successful campaigns using this type of approach.