The holiday shopping season is expected to be in full swing in the next few weeks, but some customers have already started, thanks to internet access. Completing this arduous task online has many advantages, such as increased comfort, direct shipping to their home and price comparison tools.

Doing this at the nearby shopping plaza or mall requires circling deals on weekly ads, walking to multiple stores and placing products on hold. Why do this in person if an online shopping cart can reserve products with the click of a mouse? Apparently, many Americans feel the same way, and other national concerns like the government shutdown led the movement, CNBC contributor Chris Matyszczyk explained.

"A fulsome 44 percent of people insisted that concerns about the default, government shutdowns, budget battles, and the Obamacare Web site mess would drive them to do their holiday shopping online," Matyszczyk said.

Data was collected from Harris Interactive, finding that information overload from 24-hour news organizations drove consumers to their tablets, laptops and mobile devices. While brick-and-mortar shops are decorating their space to spread holiday cheer, e-commerce businesses are competing with one another through targeted online advertising.

Because a portion of sales are already happening on the internet, these online companies know there is value in promoting sales through banner advertisements and side bar videos. Also, fear that government turmoil will start again in January or February–when Americans are "paying off their holiday debt," Regina Corso of Poll and Public Relations told Matyszczyk–is causing such behavior.

Consumers are trying to relieve themselves from these financial issues as soon as possible by beginning their holiday shopping plans early.

If businesses have not prepared their online banner advertising plans, executives may want to consider getting on the ball before Thanksgiving. Organizations that partner with Key Media Solutions will have have a sound strategy, just in time for the holidays.