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Say More on Twitter with New Updates

5/31/2016 - You can only say so much in 140 characters, but that doesn’t stop millions of tweets from being tweeted each day. Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced a few changes to the character limit that will allow users to include a little more in each tweet. These changes aren’t as dramatic as Dorsey’s proposed […]

3 Changes Coming to Google AdWords

5/26/2016 - “The shift to mobile is no longer a change on the horizon. It’s here.” – Google Google experiences over a trillion searches every year and over half of those searches are being conducted on mobile. Google Analytics shows that more than half of website traffic is occurring on smartphones and tablets alone. These findings show […]

The Worst Change to Ever Happen Online

5/24/2016 - On May 11th 2016, something terrible happened to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Millions took their cries and outrage to social media, venting over the horrific circumstances that were released upon them. I remember I was sitting at my desk that morning when I first heard about it. Terrified, I opened my […]

To Be a Digital Marketer

5/19/2016 - Working in an industry that constantly requires explanation, I’ve found that most of the situation that I run into with my job can best be explained through comparisons. One of these situations that I find myself frequently explaining is what it takes to be a Digital Marketer and what I have to do to help […]

New Beginnings with New Technology

5/17/2016 - Spring is here with the green grass, trees budding out, farmers preparing the fields, and the abundance of graduation invitations. Spring has always felt like a new beginning to me and I can only imagine how the high school and college graduates feel about the new adventure/beginning they will be embarking on. My son, the […]

How You’ve Been Marketing Wrong Online

5/12/2016 - Today’s consumers are smart. We live in the era of savvy technology users who constantly have the world at their fingertips, literally. A Pew Research Center survey done in November of 2015 showed that 68% of US adults own a smartphone. And when these adults are surfing the internet, be that by smartphone, tablet or […]

How to Sell a Car (or Anything) Online

5/10/2016 - I recently went through the daunting task of buying a new car. The car I had been driving had over 212,000 miles on it and was on her last leg – I was running out of time. The modern age of car buying, or just shopping in general, involves the internet as an assisting tool more than ever. […]

Going Off the Grid with Technology: A Love Story

5/5/2016 -   The wind is blowing, moving hair freely back and forth; the smell of wild flowers giving vivid memories of trips past; the sound of water slowly moving down the hillside is pee inducing. I’m at my computer, daydreaming and trip planning. In 2016, before I can get off the grid I need to plug […]

3 Ways to Grow your Business Online

5/3/2016 - What’s better than learning about 10 ways you can grow your business with some of today’s newest and most effective Online Advertising tools? Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at the same time! This Thursday, we’re hosting a Google Partner’s event where we’ll stream an online presentation from a Google expert about how you can grow your […]