While it is not uncommon for certain products to have ingredients listed in English and Spanish, more advertisers are creating campaigns that cater to a wider array of languages. For example, Target launched a bilingual ad in March, where the song playing – "If You're Happy and You Know It" – alternated between English and Spanish.

Even a Harvard Business Review contribution piece commented on the trends, underscoring the point that companies need to take note of their consumer base and what they need.

"Every business needs to understand its customers well," the article read. "As these trends show, it may no longer be a viable option to put off a strategy for marketing to Hispanics until mañana."

While a bilingual approach is not always necessary for every company, other experts agree that it is essential for marketing campaigns to be clear in the product or service they are trying to sell to customers.

According to Inc. Magazine contributor John Greathouse, "stealth mode" is not a successful approach for startup companies. Organizations that try to remain subtle, even in things as simple as their company motto, are more likely to be received as pretentious and remain unknown. A similar mindset can be taken with marketing campaigns.

If a business has a confusing ad, or one that doesn't clearly explain what is being sold, why would shoppers want to make an investment?

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