I Put Up a Fence Yesterday

Fences, for years, have been used to clearly define the boundaries of one property from another. They have been used to keep people out of a commercial property or keep kids contained to their own yard. But I’m guessing the person who coined the phrase “good fences make good neighbors” probably never thought that one day that a fence would be a virtual barrier and would be used to serve an advertising message.

Geofencing is a great tool that can be used to deliver a specific mobile message to potential customers in a given geographic area you have predetermined. I’m not here to talk about what Geofencing is; my colleague Tobaria Ruffin covered that in his blog “New Targeting with Geofencing.” I’m talking about what it takes to be a good neighbor now that you have your “fence” set up.


Are You a Good Neighbor?

What makes a good neighbor? A good neighbor is someone that reaches out to their potential customers with relevant messages only a few times and doesn’t bombard. A bad neighbor keeps bugging you to buy their products after the sixteenth time and won’t return the law mower.

For the most part, people like their neighbors; we get to interact in a relaxed setting with people who have similar interests. That also translates when sending and receiving ad messages. Consumers like to receive messages that seem tailored to them. They want to be part of your community and feel welcome. But, by the sixteenth time they see that message, they have had enough. The annoying neighbor has stopped by “again.”

What Do Neighbors Talk About?

You have taken the time to get to know your customers, now take the time to know where you want to place your fence. Make sure your message is relevant and timely to your audience. Tell them how it’s going to benefit them. Remember there is a reason you are targeting your customers in this location at this time. Be sure your message is relevant to those who are receiving it. Keep the conversation to a minimum and once they walk away don’t continue to bombard them with the same message, as it may no longer be relevant.

Geofencing is a great tool, but let’s not cross it and become the annoying neighbor.