Zig Ziglar was an American salesman and motivational speaker that also authored numerous books, his first being "See You at the Top," published in 1975 and his latest, "Born to Win: Find Your Success Code," published in 2012. He served in World War II and was once the vice president of the Automotive Performance Company.

Ziglar passed away on November 28, 2012 at the age of 86, leaving behind a legacy of heralded sales strategies and advice, motivational speaking quotes and a library of books about both. While Ziglar may have specialized in selling products, many of his beliefs can cross over well into the burgeoning industry of small business internet marketing. According to Entrepreneur, there were a few of these ideals that Ziglar stood by and helped him reach the success he did, which can work well for this new market. 

For example, Ziglar always believed that a company's best asset is its personal connection with customers. While this may be more oriented toward customer service representatives, it's also something that must be reflected in a targeted internet marketing campaign. This can be done through partnering with relevant charities or nonprofit organizations and adjusting marketing campaigns to take advantage of this, or by using storytelling techniques to create a more personal aspect.

In addition, Ziglar also believed in the power of long-term goals and what it takes to accomplish them. By partnering with an experienced digital advertising agency, a business can set the long-term goals needed to expand and rest assured that with the help of these professionals they will be realized.