As a business owner, you have to stay flexible. Failing to change up your marketing strategies when appropriate can cost your business lots of money and decrease the number of loyal clients you're able to retain. One of the most popular trends to emerge over the years is video ads. They're a creative way to tell consumers about your products and services and can certainly help you stand out over your competition.

However, like a lot things in life, video advertisements need to be made over occasionally, especially if you aren't working with a local online marketing firm. Here's how to tell if yours fall into this category:

1) Your videos aren't generating enough traffic

There's no point in creating video ads if no one is watching them. If you've noticed your numbers have declined, the time to take action is now. Always keep in mind that your audience should be growing after you've created a video, not decreasing.

2) They are too generic

At the end of that 30 second video, current and potential clients need to know what the next step is. Are they going to be transferred to a specific page on your website, have the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter or click to share on a social media website? These are questions that you need to assess. No call to action usually means nothing is going to happen once they're watching your video.

3) Your video sounds like an infomercial

If consumers wanted to watch the home shopping network instead of viewing your video, they would do that. Your ad needs to be catchy, punchy and to the point. Hit your audience with the most important information. Advertisements that drag on are just going to make everyone lose interest before the video ends.