This blog has advocated that small businesses try some new local online marketing tactics in the new year. While the internet, and thus marketing strategies for it, will continue to evolve in 2013, that doesn't mean that owners should abandon their old ways – they should merely diversify their online portfolio.

Pay-per-click, video, and display advertising are proven methods to elevate your business's presence online, and if the past several years are any indication, they aren't going anywhere.

It can be incredibly useful for companies with limited budgets to focus their online marketing efforts into targeted campaigns, but it is possible to achieve a comprehensive SEO, social media and advertising portfolio with a small fund.

Traditional methods of online advertising have an added bonus as well. While burgeoning types of marketing, like social media, have very few ways to track ROI, the standbys can be easily tracked and evaluated in terms of their performance. That way, you can periodically determine which efforts to prioritize in your online strategy.

These tactics are now so prevalent that if you don't use them, it's nearly impossible to get ahead. In addition, relying on new-fangled techniques could leave you in the dust if they sputter out or prove to be unprofitable.

Rather than investing your own valuable time in monitoring these marketing enterprises, though, you can work with an experienced digital advertising agency and receive all the benefit without the headache. These professionals can manage your various campaigns all over the web and ensure that you receive the maximum ROI on each.

By making your business's New Year's resolution the optimization of your targeted internet marketing methods and sticking to the fundamentals, you'll be on the path to an even brighter future in 2013.