In a recent article for The Huffington Post, the news source discussed the sometimes overwhelming number of advertising options that are available to small business owners in today's marketplace. With so many new social coupon services, national websites and social networking services, it can be difficult for owners to know just where to spend their limited budgets.

However, the author, a respected founder and CEO, did cite one company that some experts believe isn't worth the money. According to the author the social restaurant and business review site Yelp may not be the best bet. While the site does offer visibility, the author suggests that its rates for impressions are above the industry average.

In addition, the article summed up the predicament facing many business owners in Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado and across the nation with the question: "How do you separate hype from reality and choose the right marketing platform?"

One way to do this is to look for a local internet marketing service that can offer targeted new media advertising without the long-term contracts that can make a small business less dynamic. For example, with an internet marketing firm that operates without these restrictions or campaign minimum requirements and easy cancellation, businesses can ensure that if something happens to their operations, they can pause their messaging.

With this flexibility, skills and talents of a firm that specializes in providing services to their local area, small business owners are able to best maximize their spending. After all, as many small business owners know, without an understanding of the area that a business is trying to serve, even the best advertising can be rendered ineffective.