Social media is an important platform for any business to use. It allows for client relationships to be developed and maintained. Social media is a great way to spread the word about your business, products, and services. And if your followers like what you offer, they can share your pages with friends and family members.

Manufacturers, in general, should capitalize on this opportunity because it will set them apart from other manufacturers who do not use social media to promote their business.


Choose the platform that makes the most sense for your business and bandwidth.

When using social media, it is important to pick a platform that is best for your company. Just because one has access to all platforms, does not mean that they should use all platforms. One platform might be better than another due to how many followers a company has on that platform. Depending on the message, Facebook may be a better platform to use than Instagram. If the goal is to promote your business one may want to look at Facebook. Use Twitter to break company and industry news. Use LinkedIn to collaborate with other industry professionals. Use Instagram to share visual stories. Offer product overviews, demos, and how-to training via video on YouTube and Facebook.


Think about your audience when creating content: make it about the viewer.

Making your content centered around your audience is important. They won’t engage with the post or be interested in it if it is not about something that relates to them. Making content to be centered around the viewer will draw more interaction from the audience. Listening to your customers and implementing changes based on their feedback also shows that you care about their input, and it can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Engage your audience: don’t post and run.

It is extremely important to engage your audience in your posts on social media. Leaving your audience hanging with nothing will allow them to go somewhere else. Not posting on a regular schedule or over posting will also affect how your audience gages things and interacts. Posting too much will allow someone to mute or unfollow you, which means your posts won’t reach as many people. Create a consistent posting schedule and stick with it: social media followers expect to hear from you regularly, so it’s important to create a schedule for each of your social channels and update them accordingly.