When we think about the uses for smartphones and tablets, web browsing and gaming often come to mind. But these devices have an almost unlimited number of uses. Take reading, for example. Individuals who don't like to carry around traditional paper books may enjoy having a novel on their mobile device.

A new study conducted by Nokia and UNESCO has found that access to smartphones and tablets increases literacy rates in many areas around the world. The report was released to coincide with World Book Day and cites United Nations data that says close to 85 percent of the world's population has access to a mobile device.

According to the report's summary, "women and girls in particular are benefiting from having a new way to access books, reading up to six times more than men and boys, and that parents regularly read to children using mobile phones. The study also shows that a vast majority of people enjoy reading more on their mobile phones, and that mobile reading often reverses people's negative attitudes towards reading."

While the study focused on areas outside of the United States, the main points can be applied to digital marketing here at home. Your potential customers are using their smartphones and tablets for a growing number of tasks. They read, plan their days and send information to family and friends with the tap of a screen. 

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