The data continues to be in favor of mobile for small business internet marketing teams. A recent brief from MediaPost has revealed more information about the ways in which the use of mobile devices is climbing rapidly, competing with television and the computer. It's a clear indicator of the role that consumers are willing to let media play in their lives.

This brief took information from a Nielsen report and demonstrates the growing amount of time that people spend on mobile devices, particularly viewing video. The report described a marked increase in survey size of mobile owners using their phones for this purpose, from around 36 million to 45 million, as the numbers of those watching videos on their computer saw a drop of about seven million.

The most active demographic in terms of mobile video viewing were users between 18 and 24. And smartphone users in general were shown to spend about 87 percent of their time on their devices using apps.  

Another report conducted by Nielsen presents an interesting indication regarding the way television is viewed, suggesting that 46 percent of smartphone users supplement their TV watching experiences by checking their phones. This could present an extra chance for companies to employ targeted online advertising that is meaningful to their customer base.

While small business marketing professionals may understand the importance of mobile in today's world, it can be unclear how best to integrate it with existing television campaigns. Key Media Solutions can guide small businesses through these new marketing opportunities and help companies craft integrated, effective campaigns.