The ability to access a wealth of information on the go is one of the advantages of mobile use for consumers, and real time advertising tactics that capitalize on mobile data can help drive up your company's presence, according to a recent article from Travel Daily UK. By constantly investigating and interpreting user information in a wider context, your organization can learn important things about customers.

The article quoted a recent Economist Intelligence Unit study in which 87 percent of American executive responders said that data is playing a large role in modern marketing strategies. Nearly a quarter said they make it a key part of their company's initiatives.

According to the study, executives in the travel industry have changed their online marketing tactics significantly. Whereas several years ago, the focus of marketing initiatives was to flood the consumer and reach them through as many channels as possible (mobile, internet, television, etc.), now travel executives focus on data mining to profile users and target the "right" customers. Additionally, travel companies have begun an effort to create consumer advocates for their brands through increased engagement.

The opportunities for appealing to customers are there, and as more companies realize the benefits of targeting nearby consumers who are ready to purchase, these changes in marketing will likely continue. If you're unsure of how to create a strong advertising campaign that takes advantage of these trends, Key Media Solutions can just be the jumpstart you need.