Internet marketing is about engaging the right demographic at the right time. For many companies, that group may be senior citizens, which, like the Millennials, is one of the least understood groups in the digital marketing sphere. But iMedia Connection has divulged some tips on reaching out to senior citizens, most of which are more digitally connected then advertisers may think.

A critical part of marketing to seniors, according to the article, is being able to find them. In this digital age, senior citizens may not be as connected as their Millennial opposites, but they are definitely spending chunks of time on the internet. In doing so, it’s important that banner advertisement placement and video pre-roll ads are in the right place to ensure they engage the right audiences.

Being able to communicate with the demographic is also critical. Seniors value clarity with advertisements and offers, as the source explains that they are “inherently skeptical – they’ve seen and heard it all.” Advertisements and websites should have at least 12-point font and look simple and clean without any advanced typography or graphics. Furthermore, using engaging words such as “buy now,” “add to cart,” or “click here” can help direct them through an inherently confusing place such as the internet.

Furthermore, it’s important to make sure they never feel old. Seniors want to be viewed as respected and knowledgeable and many of them view themselves as 10 years younger than what their birth certificate may say, reports the source. In doing so, keep targeted internet marketing campaigns light and lively, but still simple and easy on the eyes.