When it comes to online target marketing strategies, using social media can be a company’s best option to reach the right audience. But, with a new media comes new rules and one of the mantras for Facebook marketing has been that visual is better. Entrepreneur Magazine has been one to agree, as they give some tips on how to best use Facebook for online marketing campaigns.

Businesses should market their Facebook content with corresponding images, especially since social media is becoming more visually friendly – Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion and Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networking sites on the Web. Using images is a great way for companies to accomplish what Entrepreneur calls “relevant viral content – content your core audience can’t resist sharing.”

There are many ways that companies can do this, one of which is by showcasing key industry influencers. Using quotes from key figures, such as those of Steve Jobs for any technology company, brings about an instant response from followers as they’re surely familiar with the person of interest as well. This also portrays the company in a philanthropic light, as it appears willing to spread information to consumers rather than promoting its own products. This effect will help form relationships between consumers and businesses.

Furthermore, most Facebook users aren’t on the website for business, but are just looking for a break from the work day or something fun. For example, a series of pictures of dogs jumping into pools – posted on the Facebook page of pet photography company Little Friends Photo – went viral within one day as viewers commented on the photographs. The playfulness of the images helped drive hundreds of viewers to the company’s Facebook page and, most likely, gained new fans from it.

Whatever the business is, companies will always benefit from using Facebook as a main component of their small business internet marketing – especially with the use of a visual intensive strategy.