In 1986, a young man by the name of Mike Tyson stepped into a boxing ring to fight in a World Heavy Weight Championship. In just two rounds, Tyson ended the doubt with a TKO and would become the youngest person to ever win a Heavy Weight Championship. People often look past the younger competitor and expect the older, and perhaps larger, opponent to be successful. What Mr. Tyson proved was that no matter a participant’s size or age, when someone has the plan and ambition for success, anything is possible.

In today’s society, small businesses can feel like they’re stepping into the ring with much larger opponents on a daily basis. Many of the difficulties that come with running a small business are often attributed to the competition with larger businesses. How then are small businesses expected to expand in a marketplace so heavily dominated by experienced and seasoned corporations? This blog points out three major obstacles that many small businesses face in their fight for growth.

Round I

Analyzing Available Data

Online marketing is an industry fueled by evolving trends and changing strategies. Large companies devote entire departments to the task of maintaining and managing their digital advertising. This can seem like luxury to small businesses who lack the staff to analyze their businesses’ data. However, this is not the reality. Small businesses that take the time to look at data such as “projected audience” and “website traffic” are able to hone their online advertising strategy to generate customer leads.

Round II

Evaluating Marketing Services

Online marketing has exploded in recent years. This rapid increase in digital exposer has contributed to a surplus of services small businesses have access to. However, many small businesses struggle to take advantage of the right services their business needs in order to grow. Smart businesses take the time to learn about the services online marketers offer. Experts in online marketing will be able to communicate their services and optimize your businesses’ strategy.

Round III

Changing the Strategy

Change can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, yet it’s an essential part to the growth of many small businesses. Print and billboard advertising was once the most effective way for businesses to generate leads. Small businesses that allocate advertising money towards these traditional means of advertising often refuse to change their strategy. In reality, the same amount of money businesses spend on traditional advertising can be redirected to online advertising tactics that produce more leads and better marketing data.


The Wrap-Up

  • Utilize the available data to structure a marketing strategy to best fit your business.
  • Expose yourself to the services that are out there. Talk to industry experts and learn what they can provide for your business.
  • This is an ever changing market; consider evolving when opportunities for improvement present themselves.

Running a small business may have its difficulties, but understanding some of the obstacles you might face can lead to better business and an easier work flow. Help is out there; take advantage of the newest technologies in the market by learning the resource that are available and overcome any obstacle that comes in your way.

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