It doesn't take much to turn a forgettable banner ad into one that everyone wants to click on, but good design is essential. A recent article on polled a panel of design experts from the Young Entrepreneur Council about their opinions on how to create successful ads. 

Below are some of the most useful pieces of advice: 

  • Do plenty of testing – Without a trial run, it's difficult for marketers to figure out what viewers like. As you are coming up with an ad idea, develop multiple variations and test them in small trials. 
  • Don't be afraid of a "click here" button – Sometimes small business owners fear that they are selling their product too much. But the purpose of an ad is to sell, right? Sometimes it's helpful for your audience to know that "clicking here" is the next step of doing business with you. 
  • Know your market – If you have a specific audience in mind, your marketing strategies should be more uniquely targeted. Make sure that you're creating content that directly appeals to this group of people. 
  • Make your intention clear – Some ads are so full of text that it's unclear to the viewer about what you're trying to sell. If a viewer spends too much time thinking about it, it's likely that you'll lose their attention. A good ad simply tempts someone to click. Once they get to your site, you can offer more information. 

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