Last year we spoke with over 130 people representing small to midsize businesses all across South Dakota and into Minnesota during our Cities on the Map Tour, and this year we’re looking to continue that conversation during our first educational event in 2016.

Our seminar on Google AdWords and Analytics will be held tomorrow in Minneapolis, MN in partnership Falls Agency. Registration for the event is currently still open, but seating is limited. If you’re interested in attending the free event, click here to register. You can learn more about tomorrow’s event at the end of this blog.

Tomorrow’s Google Seminar takes the next step in understanding the benefits of Google AdWords and Analytics. Whether you’ve attended a class last year, or are new to Online Advertising, this free event is a perfect time to learn about the fundamental elements that make up a successful online marketing campaign. During the event, you’ll learn about Google AdWords from our Digital Specialist Tobaria and hear best practices for your Google Analytics campaign from our CEO Korena Keys.

2015 Cities on the Map Tour: A Look Back

In 2015, the purpose of our Cities on the Map Tour was to show small to midsize businesses some of the available marketing tools that they could use no matter their size or experience with Online Advertising. Each event consisted of three classes: how to build a website, an introduction to Google AdWords, and an introduction to Google Analytics.

Today, we want to make all that information available to you. In this blog, we’re going to outline each of our Cities on the Map classes so you can begin your business’s Online Advertising campaign.

Building Your Own Website

In today’s society, every business needs a website. Businesses that have their information online are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers. Our first of three classes teaches you how to build your very own website, choose a domain name, and access your account.

Course Outline:

  • Create a Startlogic Account: Set up an account and provide your business information.
  • Customize and Publish a Website: learn how to create, customize, and publish your site.
  • Choose a Domain Name: Get a free domain name, or use on you already own.
  • Access you’re Account: You can access and edit your site, anytime.

Click below to download the presentation for this class.

Build Your Free Website

Introduction to Google AdWords

Our second class focuses on the building blocks that make up Google AdWords. In the online environment, you don’t need to spend your money sending ads to people who don’t fit your ideal target audience. Google AdWords allows you to choose keywords and write ads that speak directly to your customers and deliver qualified leads to your business.

Course Outline:

  • Advertising on Google: An introduction to advertising on Google and how it can benefit your business.
  • Finding Keywords: Learn how keywords work, how to find them, and how to evaluate their performance.
  • Writing Great Ads: Learn how to help clients write great ads for their businesses.
  • Going Beyond Search: We explain how the Google Display Network works and some tools to get started.

Click below to download the presentation for this class.

Promote Your Business Using Online Advertising

Introduction to Google Analytics

Once your ads are published and engaging with customers, the next step is to monitor and optimize with Google Analytics. In our third and final class, we look at how monitoring the progress and performance of your advertisements is crucial to the success of your Online Advertising campaign.

Course Outline:

  • Intro to Google Analytics Goals: Learn about Google Analytics and the importance of Goals.
  • What Should be Tracked: Every website can measure visitor interactions.
  • How to Create Goals: We walk you through Goal set up, step-by-step.

Click below to download the presentation for this class.

Set Goals With Google Analytics

2016 Google Seminar

Millions of times a day, Google AdWords helps connect sellers to searches and shoppers. Tomorrow’s free event will show you how to design, build, improve, and profit from one of the web’s strangest sales tools. In the class, you’ll learn what an AdWords campaign is, what it can do, and how to integrate it into your overall marketing mix. You’ll also learn what AdWords tools and strategies work best and how to use Google Analytics to measure impact and boost your ad’s success.

Learn Best Practices

  • Building: how to construct an effective AdWords campaign.
  • Creating: how to craft your message and get it noticed.
  • Keywords: why putting the right words, in the right order, is critical.
  • Tracking: how to follow and measure results.
  • Optimizing: how to make improvements and drive results.
  • Reporting: how to tell if changes are making a difference.
  • Case Studies: how successful companies use AdWords to get ahead of the competition and how it fits with other tactics.

Google AdWords

In this section of the seminar, our Digital Specialist Tobaria will teach you some of Adwords best practices when it comes to managing your ads. Learn how to apply these tips to your own campaign.

Google Analytics

Our CEO Korena will show you how to optimize the connection between your AdWords and Analytics accounts. From analyzing data to updating your campaign, we’ll cover several best practices around Analytics.

Register Now

If you’re interested in taking this class, there is still time to sign up. Registration for tomorrow’s event is currently still open, however, seating is limited. The event will be held in Minneapolis, MN from 2:30-4:30 PM with a social hour to follow. CLICK HERE to register and for more event details.