When it comes to small business online marketing, content has become a major player in the grand scheme of things. While social media is a great way to create a buzz around a brand, providing great content on a regular basis has proven to be one of the best ways to create a loyal following of fans and customers. According to Inc. Magazine there are a few techniques companies can follow to create the best online content in their marketing campaigns.

According to the source, companies should make sure their blogs and websites are uploaded regularly. Google and other search engines prefer newer and fresher pages to older ones. Furthermore, posts should be relevant to the industry and clients. For example, if a company is blogging about an upcoming conference or event, coverage of that event from its blog should be updated because the original post's value decreases with every day that it gets older.

Furthermore, the content that is relevant to the industry and companies associated should also be helpful and informative for the reader. In the assumption that the readers of a company's blog will be their customers, this means that while mentioning their own product, most companies should conduct their online marketing with a level of philanthropy rather than commercialization. While being helpful is great, maintaining a level of actionability in each post also helps create activity around a business's marketing strategy.

In addition, the content shouldn't just aim at helping readers and prompting some kind of action from them, but also establish the company as a thought leader in the industry. This can be done by disseminating best practices that an executive may have learned along the way, to even conducting research and development for a blog post. Either way, it creates a niche or a foothold in the industry as an expert source of information and is an excellent way to establish a targeted internet marketing campaign.